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Joe Ruiz Training is located about 45 minutes south of Ogden, 20 minutes south of Salt Lake International Airport and downtown Salt Lake.  Also about 30 minutes north of Provo.

If you are driving from Ogden:

1. Take I-15 South past Bountiful

2. Take the I-215 exit

3. Continue on I-215 until you reach exit #13 Redwood Road

4.Turn right off  exit #13 and immediately get in the left hand lane.  At the next intersection,about 1 block ahead turn left onto 6200 South (Bennion Blvd), you will be driving east. 

5. At the next intersection , 1300 West turn Right. 

6.We are the 5th house on the left side of the road.


If you are driving from Salt Lake:

1.Take I-15 South

2.Take the 53rd South Exit

3.Take a right off  the exit going west on 5300 South

4.You will go through 3 intersections.  Go up the hill to the 4th intersection, 1300 West, turn left and go south. 

5.Continue south about a mile. Continue through the intersection at 6200 south.

6. Joe Ruiz Training is the 5th house on the left.

If you are driving from the Airport

1. Leaving the airport stay in the lefthand lane going to Salt Lake.

2. You will enter I-80 East for about a mile.

3. Take I-215 exit going south to  Provo, Las Vegas

4.Stay on I-215 until you reach #13 exit , Redwood Road. Turn right off the exit but get into the far left lane.

5.At the next intersection 6200 South (Bennion Blvd) turn left. Head east on 6200 south.

6.At 1300 West turn right.

7.Joe Ruiz Training is the 5th house on the left.

If you are driving north from Provo:

1.Take I-15 North

2.Take the 72nd Midvale Exit. Turn left off the exit.

3.Continue west on 7200 South until you get to 1300 West.

4.On 1300 West turn right. (There is a gas station on the corner)

5.Continue north on 1300 west about 1/2 a mile

6.You will find us on the righthand side of the road with gravel parking and big Cottonwood trees in front.

Joe Ruiz Training

6335  South 1300 West

Salt Lake City, UT  84123

(801) 502-0313

(801)  502-0301