Select The Right Bit for Horse Training Success
By Sarah Robertson

Which bit is the best choice for you and your horse?

No matter what discipline you ride in, whether your young horse is just being started under saddle or if you're working with a seasoned veteran, a quality bit is an essential piece of tack. Your bit needs to do two things; it must allow you to clearly communicate your requests, and it has to enable the horse to receive easy-to-understand signals without the distraction of pain.

Keep in mind that even the most gentle bit can inflict harsh damage and detrimental messages to your horses mouth if the rider's hands are harsh, inconsistent or unforgiving.

If you're not absolutely certain that your hands are steady, soft and capable of communicating in a consummately consistent manner, it may be a good idea to invest some time with a truly accomplished horseman.

Many Utah horse owners are enjoying the exceptional design of the SOLUTION SHANK BITS. With a smooth, comfortable mouthpiece and unique no-pinch design, your signals to your horse are as clear, concise and pain-free as possible. Using quality materials, the weight of the bit helps give you the control you need. There's no need to compromise your own safety for the sake of the horse's comfort. These bits offer a win-win relationship for both horse and rider!

Hand-made locally by expert horseman JOE RUIZ, you have the option to customize the bit according to the individual needs of you and your horses. Do you prefer a long or shorter shank? How tall and how wide should your port be? Do you want a port at all? All of these considerations are extremely important if you  want to achieve optimum training results. It's impossible to obtain this level of customization if you order out of a catalog or pick up something from a retail shelf.

You may also take advantage of Joe's highly respected expertise and discuss the needs of your horse, your riding style, and the goals you seek to accomplish. He's always happy to consult with clients and offer an opinion on the bit design that should deliver the personal results you're looking for.

Many riding and training frustrations can be alleviated by using the correct bit. No matter what your riding discipline, from reining, running barrels, roping and cutting to dressage, hunt seat or trail riding, an investment in the best tack will enhance your experience.

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